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Mike Theuer - Watercolor & Pencil Portraits from Your Photos


How long does a portrait take?

From the time you pay, your portrait will take me between two to twelve + weeks to finish.

Can I get my portrait in a hurry?

Yes, not a problem.  But it will cost extra.  Here's how I figure it.  Take the timeframe in which I told you I'd finish your portrait normally.  Add 7 more days for framing, likewise for a video.  Each day I have to hurry to finish sooner than this timeframe will cost an extra $30 per day.

What size portraits do you offer?

The portrait sizes I offer are 8x10 inch, 9x12, 11x14 and 16x20.  These are standard sizes in the U.S. and, as such, easy to buy frames for.  International sizes?  You can compare International to U.S. sizes on my 'prices' page.

Do you offer larger sizes?

Yes.  I can draw larger sizes.  If you look in my price table on the 'prices' page, you'll see I offer large sizes for a price per square inch.  And I offer framing for these sizes at a price per linear inch.

Does "portrait size" mean the size of the paper?

No.  The paper I draw on is about an inch or two larger than the portrait itself all the way around.  Instead, the "portrait size" is what you see through the opening of your frame or mat (both of which I describe on my 'prices' page).

What's a "subject?" On your Prices page you mention "extra subjects."

A subject is the focus of your portrait, a pet, a house, a person.  You can have one subject in your portrait or several.

How much does a portrait cost?

Cost depends on four things 1) medium—pencil or watercolor, 2) the size you want, 3) the number of subjects in your portrait and 4) whether or not you want extras like framing or a video.  You can figure all these things out from my table on the 'prices' page.  This table lists your options from left to right.  And it lists portrait cost by size from top to bottom.  If you still can't figure it out, just email me and I'll tell you.  The cost for a rush job is added on top of that.

Can I get my portrait framed?

Yes, I'll frame your portrait.  I use a simple wooden frame either painted black or stained brown.  It has a pane of glass and underneath that a heavy paper mat in either gray, cream or khaki.  See examples on my 'prices' page by mousing over the word 'framing.'  I prefer the brown frame with a khaki mat.  But the choice is yours.  I assemble the parts, seal the back to protect from dust.  Then I sign the back and attach hanging hardware.

How much does a frame cost?

The cost of the frame depends on the portrait size.  You'll see the portrait sizes in my table on the 'prices' page.  In that table are listed the frame w/mat prices.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card securely online through PayPal (no PayPal account needed).  PayPal is the secure service that handles my credit payments.  You can also pay by check. 

Can I pay half now and half later?


How do you ship my portrait?

I use U.S. Priority Mail w/confirmation and insurance because it is fast and reasonably priced.  You can check out Priority Mail costs for delivery in the U.S. and around the world at the USPS website.  And you can track your shipment there too.  However if you want it fast, I'll use U.S. Express Mail.

What if my portrait gets damaged in the mail?

That rarely happens.  But if some accident should occur, like a bent corner or a folded portrait I can tell you by email how to fix it.  If its unfixable, make a postal insurance claim.  This is the amount I insured your package for, your portrait price.  How to claim?  First if you haven't already, take the portrait AND the package to your U.S. Post Office and have them confirm the damage.  Next, ask me for the insurance receipt number.  Finally go to the USPS website online and file your claim.  Once finished your claim may take up to one month to settle.  Otherwise if all fails, I will email a large digital version of your portrait.  You can then print it on quality paper with permanent ink at your local photo-copy-shop or photographer.  I have done this before and it looks like the original.

Can I call you?

No, I handle everything through email.

Will the portrait smudge or turn yellow?

No.  Your portrait won't smudge because I coat it with an artists varnish.  But even varnished surfaces get dirt marks, so keep it clean.  Also the portrait won't yellow since I draw it on acid-free, archival paper.

What if I'm not happy with the portrait?

I'll see what changes I can make, if indeed it does not look like the photo you sent.  You can avoid this problem from the beginning if you send the photo you like.  Because I can tell you from experience that my portrait will look like the photo, so the problem is often one inherent in the photo that went unnoticed.  The larger and clearer the photo, the better.