This is Mike Theuer's signature. Mike creates pencil portraits and watercolor portraits from your photographs

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These are videos of me creating customers' portraits.  I use time-lapse through the 'creating' parts and regular video through the other parts of me clowning around or being serious.  Order your own video through my order form.

I paint a watercolor portrait of a dog on a lounge chair really fast, & try not to joke around.
Time-lapse of me drawing a pencil portrait for a couple's first-year anniversary!
Max . . . I mean 'I' draw a cute dog, Honey, in time-lapse showing my age.
Time-lapse of me drawing a Pencils .com staff member. My oldest son helps out..
I paint a watercolor portrait of a 60's family in time-lapse. Each of my kids play a role.
I'm reminded of a favorite partner while painting a large watercolor portrait of a dad & son in time-lapse.
Time-lapse of me French-van-Gogh drawing a couple. My son Max tries to set me straight.