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Ronald Reagan pencil portrait by Mike Theuer sweet pitbull watercolor pet portrait by Mike Theuer pyrenean shepherd dog pencil portrait by Mike Theuer baby girl watercolor portrait by Mike Theuer portuguese church pencil portrait by mike theuer lake at sunset watercolor portrait by mike theuer

Watercolor & pencil portraits from your photos

Mike TheuerWelcome!  I'm Mike Theuer, a professional portrait artist.  I turn your photos into pencil portraits and watercolor portraits by hand.  My style is expressive, so you'll see pencil lines in my drawings and brush strokes in my paintings.  I also pay close attention to light and shadow so my drawings and paintings appear to glow.  Accuracy is important too since I am a retired, PSU art teacher.

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Customer reviews of their portraits

"Great work. Realistic price. Look forward to doing business with Mike again. He really makes art easy." – , 8/19/2011

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Funny videos of me creating portraits

This video is a time-lapse of me drawing a customer's photo.  A staff member at a Pencils .com.  My oldest son Henry helps out . . . sort of.

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How to order a portrait of your own

  •  Submit  my order form.  Tell me your ideas.  FYI I can combine separate photos.
  •  Attach  your digital photo.  Or mail a paper photo later.
  •  Discuss  your ideas by email.
  •  Pay  by credit card, check, or PayPal—PayPal offers free financing for 6 months.
  •  Receive  a finished pencil portrait or watercolor portrait worldwide in around 2 to 8+ weeks plus shipping.  Plus get a digital version by email.

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Send me a photograph you love

Your photo will give me a gut feeling.  And I'll try to draw that feeling into your pencil portrait, or paint it into your watercolor portrait.

black labrador pencil portrait mike theuer

black labrador pet pencil portrait
more pet pencil portraits from photos

black lab photo mike theuerFor example, this close-up photo of a black Labrador gave me the sense he wanted to be hugged.  So you'll notice I drew his pencil portrait with fluffier edges like a teddy bear.

twin brothers photo mike theuer

This photo of twin baby brothers impressed me with character.  So I omitted the background to focus on them only.  Plus I used pencil lines with strength.

twin baby brothers pencil portrait mike theuer

twin baby brothers pencil portrait
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beagle lounging on a couch watercolor portrait mike theuer

beagle pet watercolor portrait
more pet watercolor portraits from photos

beagle photo mike theuerI laughed when I saw this photo of a beagle.  So I rotated his photo up and brightened the corners.  I wanted his watercolor portrait to be 'looking up' like the corners of his smile.

newborn in tutu photo mike theuer

And sometimes a photo makes me feel like everything is perfect exactly as it is!

newborn in a tutu watercolor portrait mike theuer

sleeping baby girl watercolor portrait
more people watercolor portraits from photos

Six tips for choosing a portrait artist online

Have you looked online for an artist?

Maybe you want an artist to draw a favorite photograph of your pet?  Draw a pencil portrait of your parents' old wedding photo, or paint a watercolor portrait of your baby from a studio photo?  Then you've noticed there are a lot of online artists to choose from!

Here are six tips that will help you pick the best online artist for you.

  • 1   Skilled  ― does the portrait artist capture the subject?  Look for an artist whose pencil portraits and watercolor portraits include reference photos so you can compare and gauge the artist's skill at capturing a likeness.
  • 2   Appealing  ― does the portrait artist make a great first impression?  Look for an artist whose watercolor portraits and pencil portraits make you smile.
  • 3   Consistent  ― is the portrait artist consistent?  Look for an artist with lots of samples.  If the sample pencil portraits and watercolor portraits are all good, then your portrait will be just as good!  BEWARE art companies.  Art companies sign their portraits with the company name.  This is partly because they hire a stream of artists.  Meaning the samples they display on their website may not be from the artist you'll get.
  • 4   Current  ― is the portrait artist current?  Look for an artist whose pencil portraits and watercolor portraits are dated this year.  If not, that artist may be out of practice.
  • 5   Reasonable  ― is the portrait artist worth the price?  Look for an artist whose price makes you think you would gladly pay that amount for a watercolor portrait or a pencil portrait.
  • 6   Trustworthy  ― is the portrait artist someone you can trust?  Look for an artist who has been in business a long while, the longer the better.  And whose customers recommend him or her throughout that time.  Such an artist will likely continue to do his or her best to keep your business.
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