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watercolor  extras  ?  'Extras' include more elements in the portrait like an extra person, or a background. 'Extras' also include more work like adding color, using separate photos, and/or using blurry photos. See explanation below for more info. pencil extras
16 x 20 in
A2 — 40 x 50 cm
$449 $225 $349 $175
11 x 14
A3 — 27.5 x 35
$399 $199 $299 $149
9 x 12
C4 — 22.5 x 30
$349 $175 $249 $125
8 x 10
A4 — 20 x 25
$299 $149 $199  $99
 ?  Size can be up to you. You tell me the exact size you want via my order form. And I'll tell you the price.  .....  .....  .....  .....
Framing*   videos*  &   gift cards*  available.

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extra cost:

8x10 – $200
9x12 – $250
11x14 – $300
16x20 – $350
I'll create a funny or serious time-lapse video of me making your portrait.

extra cost:
8x10 — $300
9x12 — $350
11x14 — $400
16x20 — $450
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  • ●  Any amount.
  • ●  Pencil or watercolor.
  • ●  Any subject.

* PRICES:   'Prices' under columns 'pencil' and 'watercolor' cover the cost to render one subject.  Subject would be the focus of your portrait . . . a person, a pet, a house.  Prices are based on me working from your photograph AS IS.  If I have to alter your photo like turn a frown into a smile, this could increase the price by five times.

* SIZES:   The 'size' of your portrait is what you would see through an opening in a mat, which is the heavy-paper part of a picture frame underneath the frame glass.  The size is what you pay for while the paper I work on is about an inch bigger all the way around.  In this column the sizes are in inches with equivalent centimeter and ISO sizes.

* EXTRAS:   'Extras' are elements added to your portrait like another subject or a background.  Extras also include extra work like adding a different medium, combining separate photos, or working from a blurry photo.  For example, if you have two photos from which you want me to draw a pencil portrait of a dog, a wooded background, and a person with a red hunting jacket, then you would pay for one subject (person) and four extras (dog, background, red jacket, separate photos).

* FRAMING:   I can put your portrait into a clean elegant mat and wooden frame.  See frame options and prices by clicking the word 'framing' in the table above.  Frames are brown or black.  There is a glass front, and under the glass a heavy paper mat (cream, gray or khaki color).  I put them together.  I seal the back of the frame to protect from dust.  I attach hanging hardware.  And I sign the back.

* VIDEOS:   I can make a time-lapse video of me drawing your portrait.  Click the word 'videos' in the table above for prices.  I can clown it up like the videos on my 'videos' page, or make it serious.   It's up to you.  I'll send you an email version (low MB's) and a version burnt on a DVD.   You must also purchase a portrait.

* GIFT CARDS:   Gift cards are available in any amount.  Click the words 'gift cards' in the table above for more information.  Order through my contact form on the 'order' page.